Walking the Right Path

by Roberta Cortella and Marco Leopardi

Ruben and Joachim, two Belgian delinquent minors, enter a special rehab project: they are asked to walk from Belgium to Spain, following the ancient to Santiago de Compostela.

The two boys have to reach Santiago respecting the 4 main rules: to walk every inch by foot, to respect the law, to leave behind mobiles and radios, and no drugs, otherwise they would be immediately sent back to jail. But if they succeed, they’ll be free.
This documentary film offers the audience a rare insider’s look at the young boys’ less-supervised world and chronicles their important human experience riding the emotional tidal waves that accompany their incremental progress as well as relapses.

Screenwriter and director: Roberta Cortella and Marco Leopardi
Production: Diego D’Innocenzo – TERRA Srl
In collaboration with: Rai3, Oikoten, Asturias paradiso natural, Blu Rent

Duration: 52 min
Original version: English, Flemish, Spanish, Italian