TERRA production team

“Team work brings to best results and improves interpersonal enrichment. Sharing experiences and knowledge is our best way to work in team



Diego D’Innocenzo

Diego is a director, producer and founder of Terra Srl. Read More

Marco Leopardi

Marco is a filmmaker and director. Read More

Roberta Cortella

Roberta is a screenwriter, film consultant and director. Read More

Associate Members

Marco Pasquini
Documentary Cinematographer and Film Maker, Underwater Camera Operator. Read More
Pravash Das

Pravash Das is a freelance writer and photographer since 1977.
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Francesco Giannetti

Francesco is a director, editor and author of documentaries.
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Gabriele Colferai

Gabriele is a theatre director, acting teacher, casting director and documentarist Read More

Reda Mahmoud
Reda is a video maker, editor and photographer. Read More

Enrico Baccarini

Enrico is a journalist, writer and editor. 
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