The Last Dance

by Diego D’Innocenzo and Marco Leopardi

Biswajit is a 15 years old sacred dancer who lives in a small village of primitive huts in Orissa, India. At birth, he was given to the temple to learn to dance in honour of the God Shiva. Made-up and dressed to look like a young girl, he represents the Devedhasi, the God’s young lover. But because of age restrictions dictated by tradition, he must leave the temple for the unknown world outside, and abandon his greatest passion: the dance.

After a long meditation pilgrimage to discover his destiny , the young disciple makes his final choice near the waters of the holy river: he is ready to accomplish his last dance before being born again to a new life.

Screenwriters and directors: Diego D’Innocenzo and Marco Leopardi
Production: TERRA Srl
Supported by: Media

Duration: 52 min
Original version: English, Italian